Sector Lead’s Innovative Waste-To-Energy Project Set To Revolutionize Sustainable-Development


… To Deliver Africa’s First Zero-Waste Green-Smart Sustainable Federal Capital Territory

A groundbreaking Waste to Energy Project, aimed at transforming Nigeria’s waste management system, is set to be unveiled in Abuja. This pioneering initiative is designed to address the twin challenges of waste management and energy generation, offering a viable solution that aligns with Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Commitments to a greener “future we want”.

The project, spearheaded by SECTOR LEAD LLC, in collaboration with the Nigerian government, aims to harness the potential of waste as valuable resources while simultaneously reducing the country’s carbon footprint. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable practices, the waste to energy project is poised to revolutionize Nigeria’s environmental landscape.

In a statement from GREENPLINTH AFRICA, Strategic Partners to SECTOR LEAD, the Waste to Energy initiative is a national project, programmed for Abuja and the 36 states of the federation.

Nigeria, like many countries in Africa, struggles with the dual issues of waste management and inadequate access to reliable electricity. SECTOR LEAD recognized the urgent need for a solution that could tackle both challenges simultaneously. This visionary project aims to convert waste materials into valuable energy resources, reducing the burden on landfills, and providing sustainable electricity for communities.

 Mr. Adedayo Mustapha, Chief Executive Officer of SECTOR LEAD
Mr. Adedayo Mustapha, Chief Executive Officer of SECTOR LEAD

According to Mr. Adedayo Mustapha, Chief Executive Officer of SECTOR LEAD, the company is well prepared to revolutionize the waste management landscape in Nigeria through its innovative Waste to Energy Project. SECTOR LEAD is ready to implement this initiative which aims to transform the nation’s abundant waste resources into clean energy in all regions across Nigeria, starting with Abuja.

The objective of the Abuja pilot project is to build an innovative system for waste management, to better the environment and create value for all waste generated. Energy will become a byproduct of this waste management system, generating a minimum 50 Megawatts of clean electricity, and culminating into the delivery of The First Zero Waste Green Smart Sustainable Federal Capital Territory in Africa – the first of its kind.

Mustapha listed some of the key features of the waste to energy project as State-of-the-art Integrated Waste Management; Environmental Sustainability; Jobs Creation & Socio-Economic Benefits; Clean Energy Generation; Community Engagement & Awareness; and Sustainable Transformative Health Benefits for all.

Also speaking about the waste management project, the Director General of Nigeria’s National Council on Climate Change, Dr. Salisu Dahiru, expressed optimism about its potential impact. He stated, “This transformative project represents a significant milestone in Nigeria’s journey towards sustainable development and Net Zero. By harnessing the power of waste, we can address pressing environmental challenges while creating a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous future for all Nigerians.” Speaking further, he revealed that Nigeria is currently at the forefront of regulating Methane Emissions in Africa. “This project has a lot of Methane-to-Market potential that will be of great economic benefit to the project’s promoters, investors and Nigeria. The investment opportunities in this project are enormous.” He concluded.

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